Serre Chevalier ski school - Ski Connections

Serre Chevalier - Ski and Snowboard Lessons : Beginners, Improvers, Off Piste, Freestyle.


One of the things that is great about skiing is that you don't have to be good at running or be sporty to be able to do it. It helps, but it is not a necessity. Skiing is a fun sport that is accessible to everyone from 3 to 93.

However the thing that is important is to take the time to find the right lessons with the right instructor for you. Group lessons or private lessons ? :

* Our Children group lessons and Adult group lessons are available for beginners through to experts. Each group is between 4 and 8 persons, except for the MiniKids where 6 is the maximum. Minikids – Available for Children from 3 to 5 years of age.

* Si If you would like to improve your technique another option is to reserve a one to one lesson or private coaching. You can aim at a particular objective or the development of a precise skill. Maybe, Freestyle, carving or off piste. Our instructors will find you the best snow in Serre Chevalier.

* Private Lessons and one to one coaching: available foe children and adults, wheter you are just starting and taking your first steps onto the mountain or wish to perfect a specific skill on Serre Chevalier's slopes.pour les enfants ou pour les adultes, apprenez à skier ou amélioriez vos techniques sur les pistes de Serre Chevalier. Our private lessons and instructors will adapt to your goals, level and the speed to which you wish to learn.

Ski Connections is a popular school based in Serre Chevalier Villeneuve. Its team of instructors are all fully qualified  and teach using fun up to date teaching methods :

Serre Chevalier – Off Piste Courses

Serre Chevalier has the chance to have an amazing varied off piste area. The off piste is accessible to all and our courses will adapt to your level.

Off piste can have risks, especially if it is not done safely using all the proper safty equipment. At Ski Connections we will teach you about the mountain, snow conditions, route picking. Equally with will instruct and train you how to use the important safety equipment. Our School is based in Villeneuve, which is part of the Serre Chevalier Resort, here you will find many great off piste runs such as (la Cucumelle, la Balme, la bosse à Jules, les Crêtes du Chatelat, L’isolé), it is equally an ideal area to start off skiing for Monetier, Chantemerle or Briancon.

Snow Park Serre Chevalier – Freestyle Lessons in Villeneuve

Serre Chevalier has specific areas reserved exclusively for freestyle. The Snow Park in Villeneuve has rails and boxes for experts and easier modules for beginners.propose des espaces exclusivement réservés au freestyle. Our Freestyle course will help you to ride in the park and soon you will master the 180,  360, and grind on the boxes and rails.

One of the major advantages of the Independent Ski Schools is that the free style features in all our levels and is a major element in teaching in a fun up to date method.