Ski Connections is an innovative and progressive snowsports school that offers something for everyone.

Whether you ski or snowboard, are a beginner or a seasoned expert looking for your next challenge, we have something for you. Group lessons skiing and snowboarding, private coaching, technical clinics, off-piste guiding…read on to get an idea of what we offer and to work out what suits you:


Group lessons for children and adults are a good option if you’re in Serre Chevalier for a full week or more. All our groups are limited to a maximum of 8 people (6 for Minikids and the technical clinics) allowing for a much more personalised approach than for a traditional ski lesson.

Group lessons involve 15 hours of teaching time over 6 days (5 day courses are also available). This allows enough time to absorb what your instructor identifies as areas to improve upon in your skiing or snowboarding and enough time to practise new techniques under his or her watchful eye.

Clearly, group lessons are the most economical choice and offer a good balance between value for money and positive, noticeable improvements in your skiing and snowboarding. After many years of teaching here in Serre Chevalier, we are quite certain that limiting groups to 8 people maximum offers the best balance between personalised learning and affordability.

Of course the lessons aren’t all technique technique technique and your instructor will also help you and the rest of your group get to grips with where the best pistes, mountain restaurants and bars are for you in Serre Chevalier.


Private coaching is ideal if you have very specific needs or technical objectives, specific time constraints or you are on holiday with a group of friends or family who ski or board at a similar level.

Our coaching service is designed to be as flexible as you require and your instructor will adapt his or her teaching methods specifically to achieve your objectives for each lesson. Perhaps you’re nervous or have lost your confidence? Or maybe you’ve found group lessons too ‘easy’ in the past. Whatever your individual aims, your instructor will adapt to ensure you get the most out of your session.

Private lessons are also a great way to get familiar with the ski area while at the same time working on your general technique or a specific theme such as mogul skiing, carving, freestyle or off-piste.


If you’re an advanced skier or snowboarder (comfortable on most black runs) and looking to improve your technique in a specific area such as carving, moguls, freestyle or off-piste, our coaching clinics are what you’re after.

Technical coaching clinics share elements of both group and private lessons. There are between 3 and 6 people per group which allows the instructor to really tailor his or her instructions to each individual.

If you’d rather opt for private coaching, click here.